Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Music For Aardvarks?
Music For Aardvarks is a rocking and rolling music and movement program for children 5 months to 5 years old and their actively participating grown-up! Our classes are a highly interactive, dynamic, FUN experience for both you and your child.
How are you handling social distancing?
We set up mats 7-8 feet apart from each other, and families bring their own blankets to place on top. All adults are required to wear masks, and children over the age of 2 are required to wear masks if they leave their own blanket area and are getting close to other children/adults. Teachers wear masks at all times, and will not physically interact with the children/get closer than 6+ feet.

How long is a semester?
Fall semesters are (typically) 10-12 weeks long, Winter & Spring semesters are 10 weeks, and Summer semesters are 8 weeks.

During COVID lockdown, we've been offering virtual classes called "A Hum at Home", along with  lowered capacity, socially distanced mini-sessions of in-person classes. This Spring we're offering a full 10-week semester outdoors in Waldwick at the Superdome Sports Complex.

How much do classes cost?
Please go to our classes page to see current tuition pricing. 

Can I make-up a missed class?
We currently allow families to make up one missed in-person class per semester

Can I bring an extra grown-up to class?
Right now due to size constraints, we ask that you please limit the number of grownups attending class as much as possible. Please don't come with more than two adults per one child!

What instruments do we use during class?
During socially-distanced classes, all families are required to bring their own instruments. You may make your own instruments, or purchase from Amazon - we made a shopping list that might be helpful!

I can’t sing/I have the worst voice/I’m tone deaf… I’m not going to have to sing in class, am I?
We like to think of ourselves as pretty good singers, but we 100% do not want to be singing alone in class!! The most fun classes are always the ones where grownups sing out – no matter what you think your voice sounds like, your singing and participation is THE most important thing. You are the model for your child: sing loud!

What if my child doesn’t participate?
Every child is different; we have absolutely no expectations of them or their level of participation. It is important that they feel comfortable in class: even if they’re not singing along or playing exactly how we are playing, they are still taking everything in. Your child may sing and play loudly at home but not feel comfortable doing so in class… That’s OK!!

Your child also may not necessarily want to sit still in the circle when we are… That’s OK, too! We only ask that you intervene if your child is playing or moving in a way that might endanger him or herself or others.