"Music for Aardvarks is a wonderful music program that meets each child where he or she is.  Whether observing the activity from the safety of a parent's lap, dancing to a favorite song, or discovering how to play an instrument, the children are encouraged to participate however they feel comfortable. During the first few months, my daughter never left my side during class, but at home she sang songs and always talked about music class. By her last class, she was volunteering to sing a solo, and at home, she could identify individual instruments in songs she had never before heard. The instructors are kind, fun-loving, accepting, and help instill in children a passion for music.  I would recommend Music for Aardvarks to anyone looking for an educational and entertaining activity for parents and children to enjoy together."

"I absolutely love it. My son has such a great time, sings the music at home, and looks forward to attending each class. I believe I have been to classes with all 4 teachers at the Waldwick/Ridgewood locations and can say that they all were such a pleasure to be with. I would recommend this class to anyone."

"We LOVE our music class! I have twin daughters and to see their enthusiasm each week in class has been wonderful. Not sure what the girls love more - the music + the instruments or the teachers! Either way - we're very happy to be a part of the program. Thank you!"

"We have an outstanding teacher with a clear love of music and the kids! I recommend these classes to everyone! I feel very fortunate to have found this program. My girls clearly love it...and the pajama jams!"

"Music for aardvarks has exceeded my expectations. It far surpasses all group classes we have participated in. It is much more fluid, organized and sophisticated. I look forward to the upcoming semester."

"This class has been amazing for my child as well as us. Its a chance for us to all be interactive doing something we love, and to watch her learn. The experience is priceless."

"We all look forward to music class every single week. The classes are wonderful week after week. We could not ask for a better learning experience for our son. He is learning how to create music on his own! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! "

"This class was such a refreshing change. My daughter and I sing the songs all week (she asks for them by name) and we look forward to class. The teachers have a great dynamic and overall demeanor. Thanks for a great semester, we look forward to seeing you guys for our second semester!"

"We have been attending Music for Aardvarks for 2 years now, and it never gets old, especially for my child. He loves the music,
it is all we listen to in the car!"

"We love the program, both of my kids have enjoyed these classes very much! "

"Excellent program, would recommend it to anyone with young children."

"The teachers are truly unbelievable!!! They are incredible musicians and have created such a magical class experience for 
my daughter and me. They are amazing!!!!"

"My daughter and I enjoy class every time we go. I would highly recommend this class to my friends."

"My son and I absolutely love the class! We love all the people in the program that we have met. Kristen and Pat are our usual
class musicians and they rock our world, but we have also met Merri and Sean -- we love them all!"

"Our teacher handles the group beautifully -- it's a big class with a lot of different ages, and she's very patient. She also reads the group's
mood very well, and can easily cater the "lesson plan" to accommodate this."

"I love the laid back atmosphere and the song style, and it was OK when my daughter went crazy. She loves the class, is constantly
singing the songs and requesting that we play music class and pretend to be Cindy. Now that she's older, I'm going to miss
it, and I know she will too."

"I can't say enough wonderful things about the program. I tell anyone and everyone who will listen to register their children for MFA.
After taking another music program with my firstborn, I am thrilled to have found MFA, which is infinitely more stimulating for me
and my child! We look forward to more semesters of MFA! Thank you for your efforts."